Network Upgrade — Friday-July-24th


On Friday, the 24th, we will be upgrading the networking firmware for the switches for both campuses.   While the switches are upgrading, all computers, phones and wireless access points will not work.  Each switch will only be down for 5 minutes (the time it takes for a reboot).  All together there are around 150 switches between the two campuses.   The whole process will start at 10PM and the last switch will be done by 1AM.    We will be upgrading all switches in one night, so we can get a minimum baseline for our entire network.  After this upgrade we will start staggering our upgrades in the future.

For this upgrade we will be exempting both the Public Safety switch and the switches that run our servers.  We will be scheduling them next month.

The reason we need to upgrade the switch software is twofold.  The first reason is for bug fixes and security patches.  The second reason is to take advantage of the new features the company has released.

Thank you for your patience

IT Department


All switches have now been brought up to the minimum software level.  There were zero failures or issues.

IT Department