Sage Websites Flooded From China

Over the last few days, some of Sage’s external facing websites ( hit the hardest) have been flooded with DOS (Denial of Service) type traffic originating in China.  This occurs because China has a national Firewall, “The Great Firewall of China”, and the government uses this firewall to prevent its citizens from accessing  certain websites.   Instead of just blocking the sites outright, they simply redirect traffic to the wrong destination.

For example, if a Chinese citizen tries to go to, the firewall in China will redirect the traffic to the IP address of  This has a two-fold effect, the user in China gets a “Page can not be displayed” error  and our web servers get overwhelmed by having to process thousands of requests. We get overloaded, which causes a DOS.  All legitimate traffic either stops or gets very slow.

If you are interested, there is a page that checks what sites are being blocked by “The Great Firewall of China”.


John Harris

Director of IT